It is probably easier to say what can't go in the bag. No sand, bricks, rocks etc, also no food or oil. Otherwise customers use the bag for garden waste, polystyrene foam, old broken toys, plastic bags, and just general junk. If you have a large item to throw away just contact us and we will provide a quote and happy to accomodate. We can take those items that cant go in you general waste like old batteries, paint tins and old chemicals but please let us know in advance so we can be prepared and dispose of them correctly.
We take the rubbish to a landfill site where recyclable items are removed then the rubbish is buried. Special pipes are inserted and buried with the rubbish and used to extract methane gas to run a small power station, providing a sustainable energy source.
Where possible please wait until your next scheduled collection, however if you are keen to do some more please give us a call and we collect the bag as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of extra time and fuel to make a special trip to pick up the bag. It is very disappointing when we make a special trip for someone and then call on the next scheduled day to find the bag completely empty.  We are happy to help when we can but please ensure there is a genuine need.
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